We issue Fly Feet!

Universal orthopedic massage insoles with App control

Look 49sec presentation:

Inventor say

Had a long time and yet created,

a lifelong idea?

This idea came to me at the age of 14, when I did a foot massage after a long walk.

After 12 years, I still decided to create such insoles that will massage you anytime and anywhere. My father inspired me to create, he is an inventor with 30 years of experience, I have been soldering in his production since childhood, it was my hobby.

You ask

Ok, so how work Fly Feet?

You insert insoles into any of your shoes, connect them to your phone, and select a massage mode.

1. Insert into shoes

The insoles come in two sizes: for children and adults.

The size is universal - you can cut them to fit your shoes.

2. Connect to phone

Download application and pair insoles with your iPhone or Android phone.

3. Choose massage mode

We make 5 different massage modes for best feeling. You also can see battery status.

You will get high if you travel often

Your feet will never be numb again

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked


Technical documentation

In short, there is bluetooth 4.0, microprocessor, wireless charger, 1000Ah battery inside, which allows massage without recharging for 5 hours.

Is it dangerous ?

All parts are specially selected for high physical activity, are not afraid of water and fire and are completely insulated, so do not worry, it is safe.

How to order ?

We'll be appearing on Kickstarter and Indigogo soon.

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